Practical information concerning your participation in the Afstudeerbeurs

Please read the following information carefully.


Address: Van Rysselberghedreef 2 – 9000 Ghent

A route description is to be found on


  • ground floor & first floor: general job fair, Tech Lane Ghent, North Sea Port -> 1 module measures 3m B*2m D
  • second floor: Job Market for Young Researchers -> 1 module measures 2,5m B*2m D

The booths are set up by the organisers prior to the fair. The company name and the colour coded sticker(s) indicating the sector(s) from which you would like to recruit will already be attached to the walls.
Should you wish to attach anything else to the walls of the booths, please make sure that it can easily be removed and the walls are not in any way damaged.

The measurements of the booths must be respected: flags, banners and/or other promotional material should not interfere with adjacent booths. For safety reasons the corridors between the booths should be kept clear at all times.
Per module we provide:

  • 1 reception table with cover & 2 bar chairs (ground floor and first floor),
  • 1 table (75cm x 127cm) & 4 chairs (second floor)
  • A4 display indicating company logo, experience sought after and education level(s),
  • free WIFI (with password),
  • electricity (600 watt),
  • 30€ worth of catering tokens for food and drinks
  • 1 free parking ticket for each participating company at the Sint-Pietersplein parking lot
  • free shuttle service for all exhibitors to and fro the Sint-Pietersplein parking lot


You can check an overview of all participating companies and their location on the different floors (ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor) on our website.


The company booths of the general job fair (Arteveldeforum and Pedro De Gante hall (ground floor), the Tech Lane Ghent Science Park Corner & North Sea Port Corner (1st floor), the Job Market for Young Researchers (2nd floor) can be set up:

  • the day before the event, on Monday 30 March as of 15:00hrs till 19:00hrs.
  • Tuesday 31 March as of 08:00hrs till 11:00hrs.

The fair will open its doors to the public at 12:00hrs sharp. Please make sure that your company booth is set up in time. After 11:00hrs it will no longer be possible to load and unload at the ICC. Please keep this in mind.


To avoid problems with loading and unloading as well as to warrant safety, long-term parking around the ICC building is forbidden. It is permitted, however, to temporarily park your car around the building for loading and unloading purposes.

MONDAY 31 MARCH: strongly recommended!

For those who wish to set up their company booths on Monday 30 March, as of 15:00hrs:

  • Trucks carrying heavy materials: please use GATE 5 for both the job fair on the ground floor as well as the job fair on the 2nd floor (Job Market for Young Researchers)
  • For small and lightweight materials, please use the MAIN ENTRANCE. To take these items to the 2nd floor the elevator in the entrance hall can be used.


  • For loading & unloading small materials, please use the MAIN ENTRANCE in front of the ICC.
  • For loading & unloading large equipment, please use GATE 5 (Pedro De Gante hall) or the emergency exit 6 (Artevelde forum). Both unloading points give access to the entire ground floor. The Pedro De Gante hall and the Artevelde forum are adjacent halls.
  • For the exhibitors on the 2nd floor: small materials can be taken up, using the public elevator in the entrance hall. There is also a freight elevator at GATE 5 to bring larger materials up to the 2nd floor.


PROGRAMME Tuesday 31 March:

From 8:00hrs to 12:00hrs: For companies participating in the general job fair on the ground floor, the Tech Lane Ghent Science Park Corner and the North Sea Port Corner on the first floor, and the Job Market for Young Researchers on the second floor: one of the organizers or a student will bring your information folder to your booth.

This folder contains your catering tokens, free parking ticket, WIFI code as well as additional information.

From 11:30hrs onwards sandwiches are available in the different catering areas

From 12:00hrs to 18:00hrs the fair is open to visitors

@18:00hrs closing drink for company representatives in the doctoral schools lounge on the second floor.


We have 1 free parking voucher per company. Parking is possible in the underground car park Sint-Pietersplein.

CAUTION: the entrance Overpoort may be closed due to fancy fair activities!


Keep in mind that the parking is located in the low emission zone! Check here whether your car is still permitted in Ghent in accordance with regulations.


When entering the parking lot, please take a ticket. Hold on to this ticket, because you will need it when paying. In the ICC you will receive 1 parking voucher per company. When leaving the parking lot, first go to the cash machine with the ticket you received when entering as well as with the parking voucher you were given by us. You need both to finalise payment and leave the parking lot! Having inserted the first into the ticket machine, the latter can be used for payment.
The parking voucher is to be found in the information folder.


You will be able to use the free shuttle service to and fro the ICC. This shuttle service can be found at the Kantienberg entrance.

A parking attendant wearing a yellow fluorescent jacket awaits you at the glass parking exit - side (see photo below)

In case you only bring small materials with you, you can drive directly to the Sint-Pietersplein car park and use the shuttle service (without unloading first at the ICC). Small material such as banners, brochures, etc. can be taken on the shuttle bus.

How to get back to the Sint-Pietersplein car park after the Afstudeerbeurs?

  • The shuttle service will operate until 20:30hrs between the ICC and the underground Sint-Pietersplein car park.
  • You can wait for the shuttle bus in front of the ICC, next to the ICC’s green flags.

For problems / questions on the day itself, you can go to the information desk at the main entrance of the ICC or contact Antoine De Henau (+32/486/454934)


The catering tokens are included in the information folder. A catering budget of € 30 is included per module.

There are catering points in the Pedro De Gante hall (ground floor), as well as on the first and second floors. Exhibitors should turn to the catering point of the floor on which they have a booth.

A closing drink will be organized at 6 pm in the Doctoral Schools lounge (2nd floor ICC), to which you are cordially invited.


During the fair it will be possible to digitally obtain the CVs of the visitors using a code that will be printed on the visitors’ badges. Visitors decide themselves whether or not to share this code with the companies present.

To be able to make use of this option, every company should download a manual with their login details via their dashboard on the Afstudeerbeurs website. Please read the manual carefully and activate your account in time if you wish to use it on 31 March!

The CVs of those visitors who upon registration gave their consent to share their it, will be available for download after the fair through your dashboard on the Afstudeerbeurs website – in the same way as in previous years. CVs may only be used to contact people about vacancies within your company and may not be sold or passed on in any way.


Please check and complete your company profile on the Afstudeerbeurs website as soon as possible. Students, PhD candidates, postdocs and/or alumni consult the company profiles to prepare their visit to the job fair. You can complete and adjust your company profile by logging in with the e-mail address and password used for registration.


In order to provide your company representatives with name tags as well as to determine the necessary catering, we would like you to complete the list below and send it as an Excel file to at the latest by 10 March

Without this information we cannot provide any name badges.

Company name:  
Number of participants:  
Name Function


The company booths can be taken down:

  • in the evening after the fair, from 18:00hrs to 21:00hrs
  • on Wednesday 1 April from 08:00hrs and 12:00hrs

We sincerely hope that for your company/organisation the Afstudeerbeurs/Job Market for Young Researchers / Tech Lane Ghent Science Park Corner/North Sea Port Corner may result in many useful contacts.

Kind regards,
The Afstudeerbeurs team