Working in higher education. For many, a dream come true!

In higher education there are opportunities also for new graduates!
Although most jobs are in teaching (lecturer, practice lecturer, etc.), there are lots of other inspiring and life-changing opportunities. For all of these, we are always on the lookout for new talent.

  • In higher education, we are constantly introducing contemporary methods and systems. Think of digitalisation, not only technically but also in day-to-day operations and processes. Our IT systems are a must-see.
  • Our students also need a lot of support. In our institutions, we guide students through their studies. This support is not only administrative, but also social and content-related.
  • Think of research projects in cooperation with the professional field and social services.
  • Our institutions carry out many construction projects that need to be furnished and maintained. For these, we are on the lookout for technical professionals.
  • An institution of higher education is a world in itself, with numerous support services (accounting, legal department, personnel department, library, media library, logistics, etc. ).

A job in higher education also offers many advantages. You are given flexibility, you work together as a team, and you constantly learn new things by exchanging ideas and knowledge across courses and institutions.

Any vacancy in our institutions can be considered as a stepping stone to a lengthy and rewarding career in higher education. There are opportunities to move on to other positions. And, even if you are happy to stay in the same job, there are ample opportunities for job enrichment through participation in projects and/or working groups. You are also often given the chance to gain international experience, which makes the job all the more exciting.

Working in higher education, you also contribute to an important social goal: training young professionals who will in turn contribute to our society.

In short, working in higher education means helping people make their dreams come true. And, that has “dream job” written all over it!



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