Practical information concerning your participation

Please read the following information carefully.


Flanders Expo Ghent - Maaltekouter 1 - 9051 Ghent

getting there -floor plan

WIFI CODE: afstudeerbeurs2023!


  • Hall 1, size of a regular booth → 3m W x 2m D (except for sponsors, or if otherwise agreed upon beforehand)
  • sponsors: booth measures 6m W x 2m D
  • the maximum allowed height of the booths is 3,5m

Booths will be pre-assembled with stand panels on which the company name and the colour-coded sticker(s) of the sector(s) from which you are recruiting, will be applied.

The dimensions of the booth must be respected at all times: flags, banners or other promotional materials should not interfere with the adjacent booths. In order to ensure the safety of the visitors, please make sure that the center aisles are not in any way obstructed.

In case you stick posters to the panels, make sure that they can be easily removed, and that the panels are left in the same condition as you found them upon arrival. Damaged panels have to be reimbursed.

We also provide per module:

  • 1 reception table with cover & 2 bar chairs (for the general job market and Ghent Capital of Technology corner),
  • 1 table (80cm x 120cm) & 4 chairs (interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers),
  • A4 display with company logo, experience - and education level(s) sought after,
  • free WIFI (with password: afstudeerbeurs2023!),
  • electricity connection (600 watts),
  • catering tokens for company representatives (30€ per module)
  • 1 parking spot per participating company, near Hall 1

Floor plan

You can check the floor plan with the booth layout of Hall 1 here. The floor plan of Job Market for Young Researchers is still in progress.

Setting up your company booth

It is possible to set up the company booths:

  • the day before the event, Wednesday 22 March 2023 from 3 pm to 8 pm This is mandatory for all exhibitors who bring in large material.
  • on Thursday 23 March 2023 from 7 am to 11 am - only for small materials (banners/flyers/gadgets) that booth representatives can bring/carry themselves.

The fair will open its doors to the visitors at 12 pm (sharp!). Make sure to set up your booth in time. After 11 am it will no longer be possible to load and unload at Hall 1 or ND7. Please, bear this in mind.

(Un)loading of materials

All materials must be delivered/picked up at gate 8/ND7 at the back of Hall 1. See drive-up plan below:

To avoid problems with safety as well as accessibility for loading and unloading, parking is allowed only for loading and unloading purposes.

WEDNESDAY 22 March - strongly recommended!

Those who set up the company booth on Wednesday 22 March can load and unload from 3 pm till 8 pm via gate 8 at the back of Hall 1 (see drive-up plan above).


On Thursday only small materials can be brought in between 7 am and 11 am. All materials should be brought in through the revolving doors at the entrance of the foyer to Hall 1 or ND7 (door at the back of Hall 1). From 11 am onwards it will no longer be permitted to park at ND7, and all vehicles must be moved to PA1. Exhibitors who bring their own small equipment, can first park and then make their way on foot with the equipment to Hall 1.
Job students will be waiting at the entrance to escort exhibitors to their booth.

Schedule of the day

  • 8 am to 12 pm:

Upon arrival in the booth, you will find the following items:

  • company bag with additional information such as the wifi code (afstudeerbeurs2023!), guidelines for downloading CVs during the fair, and info/gadgets from other participating companies;
  • envelope with the name badges of the exhibitors (if the names were forwarded in time + some blank badges)

As soon as the booth is staffed, you will receive the catering tokens (€30/ booth) from a job student. Sponsors will be given the catering tokens by one of the organizers.

  • from 11.30 am onwards sandwiches will be available at the catering takeaway point for exhibitors - to the sight side of the UGent booth.
  • 12 pm to 6 pm: the fair is open to the public
  • @6 pm festive reception for exhibitors on the second floor in the Sky Lounge.

Parking arrangements

We offer all participating companies 1 free parking spot (voucher in company name) close to Hall 1 on parking PA3 and PA4. This voucher will be transferred digitally by Flanders Expo (mail from to the mail address used when registering for participation in the fair. A steward will scan the voucher at the entrance of the parking lot. The voucher can be scanned only once. Extra parking spots cost €10/spot. This amount can be paid -electronically or in cash- to the steward.

In case of problems / questions on the day itself, you can go to the information desk at the main entrance of Hall 1 or contact Dirk Van Hecke (0495/75.71.83)


The catering tokens (€30/module) will be distributed by a job student or one of the organisers. For sandwiches, coffee and water, please turn to the catering takeaway point for exhibitors. This takeaway point is located to the right of the UGent booth.


CVs of visitors

During the fair, it will be possible to digitally transfer the CVs of visitors by means of a (QR) code to be found on the visitors' badges. Visitors decide for themselves whether or not they share this code with the attending companies/organisations.

To successfully use this feature, a manual has been added to the company dashboard on the afstudeerbeurs website (available after log in). Please download this manual and read it carefully!

The CVs of visitors who have given permission to share their CV at the time of registration will be available for download after the fair through the company account on the afstudeerbeurs website. Visitors' CVs and contact details can be used for recruitment purposes only. They cannot be sold nor passed on.

Your company webpage

The information on your company webpage will be consulted by visitors in preparation of their visit to the fair. If you have not done so yet, complete as soon as possible your company profile by logging in with the email address and password used for registration.

Name Tags exhibitors

In order to be able to make name tags for the company representatives, please provide us with the basic information via this link BEFORE 15 March 2023.
Fill out a separate form for each representative, and make sure to provide us with the correct contact details so that we can reach out to all representatives with the practicalities in advance.

 If you cannot open the form, please send an email to

Dismantling of the company booths

Dismantling the booths is possible:

  • the evening after the fair from 6 pm until 10 pm
  • on Friday 24 March from 8 am until 10 am

Load and unload through gate 8 at the back of Hall 1. The gate of Hall 1 will open as soon as there are no more visitors in the hall.

We wish you a successful participation in the afstudeerbeurs / the Job Market for Young Researchers / the Ghent Capital of Technology Corner!

Kind regards
The afstudeerbeurs/Job Market for Young Researchers team

Webbanners - social media templates

Would you like to make your participation in the fair visible on your own website or social media? Below you can download 5 different templates by clicking on the image and then right click --> save image.