Should you, as a company, wish to offer CV analysis, please register here.

Participation as a company in the job fair is not mandatory. You can also choose to exclusively participate in the CV analysis.

Important information for CV analysts:

It is of course possible to offer CV analysis both to bachelor and master students and to PhDs and postdocs. However, in this case you need to create two separate registrations and provide 2 separate e-mail addresses.

cv analysis and career coaching will be organised online on 9 March 2023.

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We store your organization so we can see for which company you're working for.
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We save your workfield so that students can see in which areas you are active.
We store your language preference so that we can communicate to you in the right language.
We save your target group preference so that the different students know if they can book a time slot with you.

I will give feedback to all study fields and disciplines

We store your preference for all disciplines so that you are booked by the right people.


We save your time slots so that you can be booked when you are available.


We store your remarks so that we can take this into account when processing your registration.
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