Workshops and info sessions

The labour market information sessions and job application workshops listed below will be organised on the 2nd floor of the ICC and are accessible to doctoral candidates and doctoral degree holders only.

Pre-registration is necessary only for the CV analysis as part of the Grow2Excel workshop (Guislain 1 @ 15:15 hrs -- limited number of slots available!).

Cv analysis also takes place on the 2nd floor of the ICC - in the Bauwenszaal. It is required to book a consultation with a PhD careers advisor in advance.

GUISLAIN 2 - 2nd floor


Linkedin the perfect PR!

30 min. - Accent Jobs - Lieven Van Nieuwenhuyze
In this info session urgent questions with regard to academic career options for Mas, PhD candidates and postdocs at UGent will be answered: What are the basic criteria to apply for an assistant academic staff position, a (postdoc) research staff position or a professorial staff position? What are the different steps in the recruitment process and how to prepare yourself for your application and interview?

Academic career opportunities for MAs, PhD candidates and postdocs @ UGent

30 min. - Universiteit Gent - Christa De Coster
While a job in academe remains often the most desired or most well-known career path for many early career researchers (and postdocs in particular), the available positions are scarce. Therefore, the vast majority of both PhD and postdoc profiles will, sooner or later, embark on a wide variety of so-called “non-academic” career paths. In fact, your career beyond academe can be whatever you would like it to be as long as you manage to identify and communicate your wide set of skills. How can you turn your postdoc into an ideal launchpad for both academic and non-academic career paths? It is crucial to reflect on the best fitting career path for your personal ambitions; the academic track may be right for some but certainly not for others who often find more fulfilling career paths in wider society. During this interactive workshop we will focus on how you can best prepare for both worlds. Based on our career development programme as used in the MSCA-Cofund IF@ULB, we will focus on a few key actions that will help you navigating your future career options. We will focus in particular on (a) career goal identification, (b) the power of the right network and (c) a continuous reflective attitude with regard to your own skills and career goals.

The postdoc as launchpad for both academic and non-academic career paths?

30 min. - ULB - Mathias Schroijen
Europass is an initiative from the European Commission that aims to facilitate mobility for learning and working throughout Europe and beyond. For this aim a number of Europass tools (CV, Diploma Supplement and Europass Mobility document) have been developed to make your qualifications, competences, working and learning experiences more transparent to employers or educational institutions abroad. In this workshop we will show you how to use these Europass tools. In addition we will give you a pre-view of the new Europass platform that will be launched at the beginning of June 2020. This platform brings learning and job opportunities in Europe together in one place and matches these opportunities to your personal profile and interests.

Europass: your gateway to learning and working in Europe

30 min. - EUROPASS - Eva Van de Gaer - Download PDF

GUISLAIN 1 - 2nd floor

During this workshop we’ll look at your PhD from a competency-oriented perspective. We’ll explore the added value that you can bring to the labour market.

Let's talk competencies

30 min. - Universiteit Gent - Nele Bracke - Download PDF
Passing a job interview is a very important moment in one’s career. Based on his vast experience in HR management, Marc Vanden Boer will share important job interview insights. As preparation is key, Marc will talk you through do’s and don’ts, explain what the interviewer is looking for, what the most common or difficult questions are, and how to successfully respond to them. At the end of the session there is room for Q&A. Marc Vanden Boer has a 35 year career in HR management – 20 years in a multinational (oil & gas / petrochemical ) environment and 15 years as Interim Manager in HR assignments across global and local companies, in profit as well as not-for-profit sectors. Marc is holding master degrees in Economics, Sociology and Law.

How to prepare for a job interview

30 min. - Management Consulting BOREFIN - Marc Vanden Boer

Beyond academe: why consulting is a career track every PhD should consider

30 min. - Schelstraete Delacourt Associates - Jo Heirman - Download PDF
REGISTRATION ONLY FOR CV ANALYSIS as part of this workshop

From academe to industry: 7 things to know about profile screening in industry. Targeted at engineering & beta sciences

45 min. - Grow2Excel - Robin Lefebvre - Registration link
In this workshop, we will investigate some authentic examples of CVs of doctoral students to list do’s and don’ts. By taking these guidelines into account, you will be able to draft a cv that is more than just an informative overview of your career, but also a tool of persuasion to make you stand out from the crowd. This workshop will be run by Tom De Moor, who has a background in English linguistics and cultural management. He is the coordinator of Business & Academic Language Education at the University Language Centre and teaches a wide range of academic courses, such as “Applying for a postdoctoral job”.

Your PhD in a CV

30 min. - UCT - Tom De Moor - Download PDF

BAEKELAND 1 - 2nd floor

In this info session the employment possibilities for international PhD degree holders in Flanders will be broached. Although the law does not include any specific regulations regarding employment opportunities for international PhD degree holders, the latter can still build a career for themselves in Flanders. International PhD degree holders can be employed as highly skilled personnel, or admitted to employment as researchers, professors, postdoctoral researchers as well as researchers within the context of a hosting agreement. In addition, international PhD degree holders can also stay in Flanders as self-employed entrepreneurs on the basis of a professional card.

Employment possibilities for international PhD degree holders in Flanders

1h - Dienst Economische Migratie en Regulering - Josse Barbé
This session will offer participants comprehensive information on career opportunities at the EU institutions. It will include an overview of possibilities to work for the EU, information about the organisation and the various stages of the selection process, as well as practical tips for applicants. The speaker, Wouter Dutillieux, has been working at the European Commission for almost seven years, and before worked in the private and academic sector. He holds a PhD and Master degree in Applied Economics. This workshop is first and foremost aimed at EU nationals. Non-EU nationals are only eligible for internships.  

A career at the EU institutions

1h - EU - Wouter Dutillieux - Download PDF
Are you looking for funding to support a research project in the United States? Each year, the BAEF and Fulbright award scholarships to Belgian students and scholars to fund (pre)Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Research projects at U.S. institutions. Learn more about their available programs in this information session. More information can be found on ( and (

How to fund research opportunities in the USA?

1h - B.A.E.F. – Marie-Claude Hayoit & Fulbright – Finn S. Willems - Download PDF
Wondering whether you will ever leave academe? Tired of the insecurities that come with a researcher’s existence? Doubting whether your profile meets the expectations of the ‘real’ world?  To answer these questions, self-knowledge is crucial. In this workshop, you will take a first step towards raising your awareness and find out what opportunities lay ahead of you and best suit your personality.  Come and taste NEXTSTEP COACHING’s approach in this interactive workshop. Warning: participation may trigger a different point of view on your future career. 

Where do I fit into the world beyond academe?

1h - NextStep coaching - Filip Bauwens & Marion Liberloo - Download PDF