Workshops en infosessies

De arbeidsmarktgerichte infosessies en workshops zoals hieronder weergegeven, worden op 31 maart exclusief aangeboden aan PhD kandidaten en postdocs.

Pre-registratie is enkel nodig wanneer expliciet gevraagd. 


Job Market for Young Researchers

Key factors, trends and figures to remember about the PhD job market.

Overview of Trends in the Labour Market for PhDs

45 min. - ADOC TALENT MANAGEMENT - Aga Szewczyk
Come & find out what drives the passionate team of engineers and designers behind Comate!

COMATE in a nutshell! CoMEET us ....

30 min. - Comate BVBA - Jekatarina Jaeken
Do’s and don’ts for drafting a cv with an academic background.

Your PhD in a CV

45 min. - UCT - Tom De Moor
Find out what the Flemish public employment service can do for early career reseachers who were born abroad, but are eager to work in Belgium.

Born abroad & eager to work here? Now what?

45 min. - VDAB - Melanie De Doncker
Come and listen to the story of the lizards, our bioinformatics & AI consultants who provide innovative solutions for scientific data needs.

Biolizard - Making the most of your scientific Data

30 min. - BIOLIZARD - Liesbeth Ceelen
Nervous when thinking about a job interview? This talk will calm your nerves, as you will be better prepared to take the interview.

How to prepare for a Job Interview

45 min. - ISTOBE - Rik De Greef
From science to practice, how can you best prepare for the job market and what do you need to know about profile screening in industry.

From Academe to Industry - Profile Screening in Industry

55 min. - Grow2Excel - Robin Lefebvre
Find out all you need to know about jobs & traineeships with the EU Institutions.

Career opportunities with the EU Institutions

45 min. - EPSO - Koen Hendrix
There are 4 important factors to take into consideration when deciding upon your first job.

The Impact of your first Job on your Career Evolution

45 min. - ALTIOR Executive Search - Jan Verstraeten