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Stand: Pedro De Gante Zaal - 75, 76  Job Market for Young Researchers (2de verdieping) - 32 

010 48 61 95


  • XPE Pharma & Science is a leader in Talent Solutions for pharma, biotech, medical devices, diagnostics, R&D and consumer health.
    Our 4 domains of expertise are Clinical, Technical, Medical and Sales & Marketing.

    Our goal is to ensure that you find your way through the jungle to the best opportunities by helping you to develop your talent and expertise. Whether you are looking for a permanent position or guidance in career development, we can help!
  • CMAST provides consultancy, project management and tangible business solutions to pharma & life sciences companies, universities & research institutes. With a team of more than 90 industry experts, we assist our clients in the creation and development of innovative healthcare solutions.

    CMAST is a fun place to work with a highly energetic working environment that allows room for innovation and personal development. We provide training and coaching programs along with tools to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing. We can also give you access to relevant professional certifications, enabling you to apply best practices and methods.

XPE Pharma & Science and CMAST are both part of The Modis Group, and are working together closely – which allows us to connect your skills to businesses and projects that are right for you!


For more information, please visit our websites & or come and have a chat with us at booths 82 & 83 or on the Job Market for Young Researchers!

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