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Hi! Meet Titeca. We are a rapidly growing, full-service accounting group with a vibrant belief that fun and work go hand in hand. Titeca helps entrepreneurs & businesses grow in a professional and personal way. We go beyond accountancy per se and love to strategize, discuss and philosophize with our entrepreneurs, as a partner in life. So it's safe to say that we don't take an average approach. Titeca is not a traditional accounting firm. We believe in working together. And this already starts within our organization. Even though our pro accountants have a very broad view of all possible business domains, they too need to call on specialists from time to time. At Titeca, those experts are just a few metres away... We are one family. Titeca is PRO It is no coincidence that at Titeca we speak of pro accountants and pro experts. The proactive, professional and productive attitude is characteristic of our team. It is part of our corporate vision and mission: “We have the ambition to be the most important confidant of every ambitious entrepreneur and self-employed person, by informing, inspiring and advising him from a great personal involvement in taking every future-defining decision”. Working at Titeca is fun, the result of an inspiring & energetic dialogue with our clients. Like the taste? Join us in our open working space with room for initiative, people & communication.”