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Interested in:

Law, Economics & Business administration
Social & Behavioural Sciences ~ Arts & Humanities
Exact Sciences & Architecture
Young Researchers (PhDs & postdoctoral fellows)
IT, Technology and Engineering

Stand: hal 1 - general job market - 7 


Company activities

Over the past ten years, Denys has grown to become an international group with 1800 employees. Denys aims to achieve organic growth, based along three main lines: diversification, innovation and internationalisation. To give this diversified growth maximum room to prosper, we have been steadily building on our international expansion programme. The world is our workplace. And we do not innovate in just one specialist area, but as a total company across a number of different disciplines: water, energy, mobility, restoration, architecture and special techniques. In each of these complementary areas of expertise, we are established as a niche player and, as we go forward, we are emerging as a global benchmark with high added value. But the greatest success factor driving our growth is the enthusiasm and creativity of our employees. At Denys, we like nothing better than challenges - it’s a feature that is embedded in each of us. If you can dream it, we can do it. Welcome to the Do-Dreamers: Do-Dreamers are people who not only make their own dreams come true, but other people’s dreams, too. Working at Denys means putting Do-Dreaming into action, because the love that we have for our projects turns us into ambitious, action-focused workers and dreamers. Whether you are currently part of the project organisation out in the field, or belong to our service and support teams (finance, ICT, supply chain, tender, purchase, HR, facilities, etc.), challenges and variety are always the main common denominators that drive us, as does teamwork.