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TIMEFOLD - planning optimization made easy. The world is full of planning problems that can be solved and optimized. Finding the best route and dispatch schedule to visit customers, perform order picking in a warehouse, loading & routing a van to make last-mile deliveries, creating a work schedule for nurses in a hospital, ... those are all planning problems that Timefold, as a constraints based solver can handle By integrating Timefold solver in their software, software builders can rely on solving power to tackle and optimize the most complex planning and scheduling problems. Software builders no longer need a PhD in maths to tackle these problems, they can do it by defining constraints in a language they understand: programming. Timefold is available in Java, Python or Kotlin. Good to know: - Timefold is established since December 2022 and received 2 million EUR in seed-funding from Smartfin. - Timefold is available as open source AI solver - We follow an open-core monetization model - Timefold is a fork of OptaPlanner by its creator and other experts. - We are a dynamic startup with 15+ people in Belgium, Czechia, Canada, and Brazil. Employees have extensive experience within their domain and in scale-ups / corporations.